The problem with creating appropriate forums is how to categorize them.

If too much is in one forum, it becomes unreadable. If the topic is too diverse, the threads are unconnected. If it is not enough, it dries out and dies.

I am not sure wether a regional or chronical separation yields better results here.

We should ask the frequent posters here what they think makes a better combination: chronological similarity or regional consistence.

Given the events in Quebec 1759, are they more related to the war of indepencence and the ACW, or to the seven years war in Europe between Prussia and Austria/France/Russia? Is the american civil war more connected to the Prussian/Austrian war of 1866 or the German/French war of 1870/71 or the US-Mexican conflict of 1848? Is the Boer war part of the Commonwealth history or part of the world history of the Age of Imperialism?

I prefer the chronological approach, for the world was always pretty thightly connected. Eg, did you knew that the US war of indepence severly affected the grain prices in Koenigsberg and thus had an economic impact on the reform of Prussia? When looking at the British Empire I find myself unable to understand its expansion without the context of the acts of Russia, France or other European nations - it looks so monolithic. But thats just my impression, and if the majority of the contributors feels more comfortable with geographical categorizations, I will happily follow along :-)